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Line Blaster Removes Blockage
in Micro Irrigation Emitters
Septic Blaster
Septic Blaster Makes Drain Fields Work by Removing Blockages & Sludge
Never Let This Happen Again
Septic Blaster Starts Working on Contact & Works for Weeks
Add to Distribution Box, Septic Tank, or Flush to Tank
Breaks Up Sludge, Greases, and Debris to Make Drain Fields Work Again
Masses Begin to Attract Silids to Form Sludge
Grease Acts Like Glue to Cillect Debris
Solids Form Nasses to Block Drain Fields
Pumping Septic Tank Only a Temporary Solution
Septic Blaster Eliminates Pumping Septic Tank
Sludge in Drain Field Pipe
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